Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unchanging Days

New poem... I'm still on hiatus xD I won't be coming here regularly, but once in a while I'll try to post something! Well I was at work (bored) and wrote this lool Hope you like it ^^ Someone said they liked my blog so that also gave strength to write :D Thanks :)

Unchanging Days

The days go by
Unchanging as always
The sun rises and the sun sets
Over and over again
Without anything happening
I am not living
Just surviving
I am the only one to blame
I should change
Why don’t I?
Is it fear?
Fear of the unknown
Fear of change
Maybe, I don’t know
But still
I want to LIVE
No matter what
Even if this rotten world
Breaks me apart
I want to live the best I can
So I have to change
Or else I’ll never know the true meaning of living
To everyone out there
Don’t give up
Keep on fighting
The road to a better future
Is right around the corner
So keep walking and don’t stop
Until the very last day!

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