Thursday, May 2, 2013


For all of those lonely people out there...this is for you, this is for us :)


Loneliness is like a wave crashing down on us
Breaking us apart limb by limb
You can be surrounded by a sea of people
And still feel so lonely you feel you’re dying
You just have to wait and hope
Someone will come by walking
On this endless water
And along the way they’ll pick up the pieces
Until you become whole again
Or you can venture yourself
Throw yourself into the world
Instead of being the one who waits
Be the one who walks
On the way you’ll meet incredible people
Your whole life will change and you will be happier
It is true that loneliness never ceases to exist
Once in a while it will creep back in
But if you have true relationships in your life
It will be much easier to live

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