Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love me not

Chill out people, this is obviously not about me xD I read a manga that's like this, and it gave me inspiration, which I have been lacking lately :P

Love me not

I love you
You love me not
You love her
She loves you not
He loves me
I love him not
We go round and round
Like headless chickens
Making the same mistakes
Over and over again
I confess and say you should do the same
You confess but she’ll still get married to someone else
I reject him every time he says it
I love you and no one else
You love her and only her
We can’t move forward
Will you still love her tomorrow?
Can’t you see me, standing here?
Waiting for you
Supporting you
Maybe, one day you’ll finally understand
That we are meant to be together
That you love me too
Until then I’ll be beside you
Loving you, waiting for you

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