Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sorry for the long wait

Well i think i should come by to apologize for not writing anything for a while but i don't have any new poems...but I do have a little story I wrote in May :P it's probably the only story i ever finished -.-' So I'm going to post it ^^ I hope you like it~~

The little killer

There was once a little killer, who did not understand the difference between right and wrong. He had no name, no past, no age and no hatred.
Even though he was a little killer, he had the innocence of a baby who could not harm a fly, but sometimes our surviving instincts are stronger than our conscience. Whenever the little killer felt threatened in any way, he attacked and unknowingly he killed people indiscriminately without even understanding something as simple as death.
Poor little killer, why do all those people chase you? Why do they try to hurt you? Why don’t they teach you what you don’t know?
The little killer never did anything bad or wrong.
How could that be? Didn’t he kill people?
How can you say what he did is wrong or bad, if he does not know the meaning behind those words? He only does what he has to do to survive. He is a good little killer that doesn’t understand what he is doing.
With time he grew tired of this life, perhaps it was the loneliness of it all or maybe, without understanding, all the guilt inside of him started weighing on his mind.
The little killer cried for the first time, he did not understand what was happening but still the tears would not stop. In the end did the little killer finally understand this rotten world? You’ll never know…

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