Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While i was listening to the fireworks I came up with this poem xD I love the first 4 lines...but i'm not sure about the rest :P So please tell me what you think :3


Yesterday I heard fireworks
And they reminded me of you
Because you light up my sky
Whenever I’m blue
You don’t realize what you’re doing
You don’t even notice how good you are to me
You blast my sadness away
And make me feel brand new
You’re an explosion of colors
So happy and bright
You change me time and time again
And you don’t even know
You’re loud and noisy
You irritate me so
But if you weren’t here
I wouldn’t be able to go
My only hope is that I know
That fireworks come around every year
So I’ll never be sad
As long as they’re here

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