Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sooooooooooooooo I haven't posted in a long time and I do that sometimes, because I'm an idiot!!! Sorry for doing this so many times :O and this time was probably the longest I've been away from the blog...I guess I'm feeling lazy? I don't feel inspired and so I haven't written much :/ BUT it's Valentine's day this friday and I had an idea, write two or three poems a "Will you be my Valentine?", a "Valentine's day" poem and I don't after valentine's day? I could also write a "forever alone on Valentine" because I am one -.-' that's actually a really good idea, why didn't I do that? Maybe tomorrow...For today I'll leave here this one:

Will you be my Valentine?

You with your big bright brown eyes
Your beautiful smile
And your funny ways
I can’t get enough of you
Even after all this time
I love your little quirks
And your lame jokes
The way you try to lie
But always fail
When you whisper in my ear
With your sugary sweet voice
My knees get weak
And so,
Here goes the awkward question
Would you do me the honor of being my Valentine?
Please say yes
Give me a chance
I know I’ll make you happy
So once again,
Will you be my Valentine?

PS: I hope you like it :D If you have anything to say about it, just do it :P
If you need it to ask a girl or guy out and want to use it, go ahead :D Of course if their eyes aren't brown, change that part xD

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