Saturday, March 22, 2014

Am I a horrible person?

About Caroline Forbes from TVD one of the only reasons why I even bother watching the show!

“Caroline, you are a horrible person.You are thoughtless. You are shameless. You are shallow and completely undependable. You know what? Now that I think of it, I have no idea what Klaus saw in you. What was he thinking?” – Stefan Salvatore

Am I a horrible person?

I know sometimes I can be selfish,
Worrying about shallow things
Even though I don’t want to be superficial
I’m inappropriate,
Saying stupid things without thinking
I’m insecure and neurotic
I’m a terrible person
But I’m working on it
I want to believe I’m different now
I’m not as childish and immature as I was before
I can take care of myself
I help my friends
They know they can depend on me
Because I won’t let them lose control
I’m dependable
I care about them
I see the good in people,
No matter how messed up and hurt they are
I know that they can be saved
I’ve been manipulated and abused,
So I find it hard to believe
That someone would actually love me
That they would call me beautiful,
Strong and full of light
Yes, I’ve made mistakes
And I’ll keep making them
I’m not perfect
It’s hard to control myself
But I do it
People think it’s easy,
It’s not
It’s terribly hard
So I’m done feeling guilty
For what I’ve done
I’m not a horrible person
And if you think otherwise
Get out of my way

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