Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New poem!

Hello my dear friends~~ I have written a new poem :D I did it a few minutes ago so here I am posting it so you can read it and give your opinion if you so desire hehe
I got the idea after remembering a movie I saw not so long ago "Cloud Atlas" it is a very complicated but interesting movie!! I liked it quite a lot, especially about the idea revolving past lives/reincarnations ^^
Anyway I hope you'll like it (both the poem and the movie :3 )

An eternal love

I think I’ve seen you before
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
Your face
Your hands
Your lips
All so familiar
The touch of your skin
So loving and tender
I remember you
Don’t know how
Don’t know why
But I do
No matter how many times we die
I shall love you in all my lives
Our love will survive through the ages
I know it will
Because it is eternal

Ps: I know it's not perfect...but nothing I write is :/ it always feels childish, rushed and unfinished...but oh well that's just my style...? Hopefully that's how you see it :P

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