Sunday, November 4, 2012


I think everyone here can relate to this poem :/ at least once in your life you probably had to put a fake smile on your face right? I hope you like it :P


Fake smiles on my face
Trying to cover my sadness
My disappointment
Crying myself to sleep
Because I can’t cry in front of you
Fake laughs leave my mouth
When laughing is the last thing I want to do
I can’t do it anymore
But all I see around me
Is fake smiles
Fake laughs
And fake people
I think I’m going crazy
I don’t like you
I don’t need you
I don’t want to smile
Why should I laugh?
When all I feel is betrayed?
You ask me if I’m alright
I cheat myself into saying I am fine
Once again I’m faking
Nobody notices
Because nobody cares
They are fake people
Who deceive me into believing they care
I start to believe the fake things they say
But I pull myself into reality and see their true faces
I look in the mirror and see my fake self on the surface
Does anyone truly know who I am?
Am I phony?
Am I real?
Do I even exist?
I’m tired of not being true to myself
But if I stop being fake will I still exist?


  1. the girl who fakes a smile....November 6, 2012 at 2:37 AM

    wow I really like this poem. and its really like my life. everyday I have to fake a smile to everyone. whenever I'm sad I can't show my sad face and I just fake a smile and no one had ever released that it was a fake

  2. Well if you ever need someone to talk about it you can talk to me :)
    thank you very much for the comment ^^