Friday, November 30, 2012


Doesn't everyone wonder why the witch is bad in all the stories?! I started to think maybe she didn't want to be that way...anyway I hope you like it and please leave a comment to say what you think about it ^^


There was a bad, ugly witch
Living deep inside a dark forest
She wanted to be pretty and rich
For that she became the vilest
Witch of the entire wonderland
She had such a sad existence
Why was she so ugly?
Why was she so poor?
Why was she so lonely?
The witch only wanted to be pretty
And she wanted to be rich
Maybe then someone would want to be with her
She used her magic to bewitch people
She stole and killed
But nobody really wanted to be with her
Because she was the bad, ugly witch
That lived deep inside the dark forest
She was the most hated person
In all of wonderland
And also the saddest
Why, oh why? 
Does she have to be so mean?

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