Monday, November 26, 2012


This isn't supposed to be a funny poem but i actually laughed after reading it again xD Goes to show you not to fall in love with strange man!! Hope you like it~~


Why are you so sad?
Stranger with the dark cloak
Don’t be so mad
You fall to your knees
I worry and run to you
I kneel down and look into your eyes
You have a scary look on your face
When the moon hits your eyes they shine strangely
But they are so beautiful and mesmerizing
Are you alright?
You lean on me
Ouch, why did you bite me?
It hurts and at the same time it doesn’t
I feel something warm down my neck
I fall down to the floor
You get up and look down on me
Your eyes so beautiful and ruthless
My conscience starts to fade
My heartbeat is almost gone
The last thing I see is
You cleaning the blood off your face
And walking away
Why stranger?
Why did I fall in love with such a bad man?
When I finally found my love
He killed me

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