Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Piece by Piece (jk version)

Well I have two poems with this is more playful (and a bit disturbing) the other one is more serious! So i'm going to devide them in two posts, this one is the "funny" one:

Piece by piece (jk version)

Piece by piece
My limbs fall off
Ups there goes a finger
Oh why?
Do my limbs fall off?
Am I rotting from within?
It is not funny when my arms fall to the ground
How can I grab anything without arms?
It cannot be done
Oh why?
Can’t I hear you?
I look to the floor and see my ears
Ups how will I hear you now?
All of sudden everything turns dark
I did not hear anything
If there is someone there please turn the lights on
I walk a bit and I feel something squishy in the ground
I try to touch my eyes and they are not there
Oh why?
Do I have to suffer so?
I can’t see anything no more
Ups there goes my head
I can’t complain anymore
My head is gone
Oh why?
Are my limbs falling off?
Piece by piece…

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