Friday, November 23, 2012


I think most people feel like this...anyway hope you like it ^^


I’m stuck inside these invisible walls
I can’t see them
I can’t touch them
But they are there
They comfort me
Every time someone tries to get close
I lock myself in that invisible prison
Is it good?
I don’t know
But it’s the only place where I feel truly safe
Nobody betrays me
Because there is no one with me
I’m alone
I’m so lonely
I start to break the walls
Bit by bit I start getting closer to you
But you make it so hard
The walls start getting stronger
I can’t break them
I guess I still need this prison
Without it I would fall apart
I hoped you would be the one to keep my pieces together
I see now that’s impossible
Because you’re the one breaking me
So I’ll never leave this prison
I’ll lock myself in and throw the key away
I wish someone would get me out of here
But that will never happen
So I’ll always be locked inside
This invisible prison

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