Saturday, November 10, 2012

I hate

I'm so booooooooored I have to do I am posting another poem today~~
And since I don't get many visits or comments I can do whatever I like~~
This blog is my lala land, my wonderland, my f*ckyou land lool sorry...I'm just seriously bored and depressed and lonely -.-' so don't mind this huge introduction because that's not what you're here for ^^

Let me see...this poem is one I really like! Because I am a very jealous and possessive person and I feel like a useless cr*p most of the times >.> Anyway I got my inspiration from manga and music, like always :)

I Hate

I hate to see you crying
I don’t like when you get hurt
I hate when you’re so sad that you can’t sleep
When you cry yourself to sleep it breaks my heart
In the morning
When I see you with those red, tired eyes
I want to hold you close
I hate when I can’t be with you
I hate how useless I can be
When I don’t know how to make you smile
I hate when you’re depressed because of someone else
I hate this ugly feeling inside of me
This jealousy turns my heart ugly
But most of all I hate it
When I make you suffer
I hate that you don’t love me
It’s heartbreaking
That’s when I start to cry
Because of you
But I don’t hate you
I could never hate you
In the end all this hate inside of me
All this jealousy
Is there because I simply love you
You and no one else

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